7 Beautiful Free Icon Packs for Your Android Phone

Change the app icons on your Android device to personalize it. You should have a look at these seven gorgeous icon collections.

Free Icon Packs for Android Phone

Change the app icons on your Android device to personalize it. You should have a look at these seven gorgeous icon collections. It doesn’t have to be expensive to change the appearance of your Android handset. One of the simplest things you can tweak on Android is the app icons. Custom app icons do make a significant impact in the appearance of your phone’s home screen.

On the Play Store, there are a wealth of icon packs appropriate for a range of styles, but finding a quality free icon pack is tough. Here’s a collection of bright and attractive icon packs that are entirely free and allow you to customize your smartphone.

How to Install an Android Icon Pack

A launcher that is compatible with or supports icon packs is required to install an icon pack on Android. One of the most popular launchers is Nova Launcher, which is followed by Lawn chair and Apex Launcher, all of which you may utilize.

Install a third-party launcher and use it to add a custom icon pack by following the instructions below:

  • Install a launcher on your computer. Hyperion Launcher is what we’re utilizing.
  • Open the settings after the setup is complete.
  • Now go to Iconography > Icon Pack and choose an icon pack.
  • That is all there is to it. The new app icons are now visible on your home screen.

While we’ve used Hyperion Launcher in this guide, you may use any custom launcher available on the Play Store. If you’re new to Android customization, we recommend starting with our list of the best minimalist launchers for Android.

Launchers are essential for gaining access to a slew of customization options not available in the standard UI. So, if you want to personalize your Android launcher beyond icons, we’ve compiled a list of the finest feature-rich but lightweight launchers to save you time.

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Icon packs are unquestionably one of the most popular methods of personalization. You’ll appreciate the Juno icon collection if you like icons that appear like they’re from iOS and have a gradient effect.

More than 2500 high-resolution icons in vibrant colors make up this one-of-a-kind icon set. It also gives you access to certain exclusive KWGT widget settings, which is a nice feature. This icon set also features basic and appealing backgrounds, which adds to its appeal.

In terms of compatibility, the icon set is compatible with all contemporary launchers. Free icons can also be requested for programs that aren’t presently included in the icons area. To do so, choose the applications and send the app details to yourself via Gmail.


Voxel is an icon set worth checking out if you like your app icons’ drop-shadows to be more prominent. Each symbol in the collection is made up of a colorful square shape with a wonderful lengthy shadow created by a white icon.

Its design complements the entire home screen wallpaper and adds to its charm. It has colorful symbols that are appealing and stand out, especially against a light backdrop. The Voxel icon pack currently contains the most icons, with over 5200 icons and up to 20 backgrounds.

It includes 25 various icon categories, including Vivo, Xiaomi, Samsung, OnePlus, and others, as well as alternative icons for many popular apps. Replace your icons with this square-shaped flat icon set if you’re weary of the traditional form and style of icon packs.


Moonshine is a good option if you like the look of the Voxel icon collection but find that many of your icons remain unchanged. The Moonshine icon pack is a collection of professionally crafted icons that cater to a wide range of preferences.

With over a million downloads, its popularity speaks for itself. Moonshine works with a wide range of third-party launchers. It is undeniably a stunning bundle that matches many of its pricey counterparts.

Moonshine offers wallpapers with personally generated patterns, unlike other Free Icon Packs for Android Phone that give Unsplash backgrounds. Overall, the icons in the bundle complement the theme well and are an upgrade over the standard Android icons.


Elta has almost 5000 icons and distinct designs for different categories such applications, miscellaneous, system, calendars, and more. Aside from that, it also supports 20 free cloud-based wallpapers. To create a visually consistent look on your home screen, Elta employs icon masking to match icons that aren’t included in the icon pack with those that are.

However, it only overlays those symbols on a red backdrop, resulting in some unusual color combinations. Apart from that, Elta is the greatest icon pack app for you if you have a lot of applications on your smartphone that are supported.


Over 2500 icons with an iOS-style design are available in Aura. It looks beautiful on dark backgrounds because to the gradient-coded design. Squirtle-shaped icons with a dimension of 192 by 192 pixels are available in Aura. If you have any programs that don’t have replacement icons, masking is used to place those icons on a new backdrop to maintain a uniform look with all icons of the same design and shape.

It also comes with ten backgrounds and five KWGT widget setups that work with all major launchers, including Nova Launcher and Lawn chair. That’s not as much as some other applications, but it’s still a good perk.

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Looking for something a little more vibrant and high-toned? Then you’ve come to the right place. The Meeyo icon collection has a variety of attractive icons that work with any launcher and home screen. It has over 2100 icon sets to choose from, as well as numerous cloud backdrops to complement.

The flat-styled, clean, and crisp icons in this collection will help you update the look of your smartphone. If you’re seeking for unique icons, this icon set is perfect for you. Calendar icons in blue and red are also included in this icon collection. The date on the calendar app icon will change automatically every day once you install this icon pack.

Many system shortcuts, such as those for the weather, recorder, scanner, or flashlight, are also compatible. Meeyo, like some of the other applications, lets you make icon requests, however you can only make five for free.

7-Pack of Resicons

More than 1,600 high-quality icons are included in Resicon. You may choose from a variety of folder icons (for films, music, games, and tools), as well as calendar icons. It has a large number of icon options and covers the great majority of your phone’s system apps.

So, if you get tired with one design, you may switch to another. There’s no limit to how many app icons you may request using Resicon. It also includes over ten KWGT widgets and over 50 high-resolution wallpapers.

Unlike other icon packs, this one keeps the native Android color scheme while making only modest design modifications. It’s for you if you don’t want to be confused while navigating through your apps, yet you’re sick of the defaults.