A beginner’s guide to Logitech mouse configuration

You recently purchased a new Logitech mouse, but do you know how to use it? The beginner's guide to configuring a Logitech mouse is here,

Logitech mouse

You recently purchased a new Logitech mouse, but do you know how to use it? The beginner’s guide to configuring a Logitech mouse is here, so you don’t need to scratch your brain. It’s interesting to note that since 1982, Logitech has released a variety of mouse. Logitech offers a range of models, whether you’re searching for a standard mouse for your office or a gaming mouse with multiple functions. Each sort of mouse has a unique setup method, I suppose. So let’s get started on using a Logitech mouse that supports Bluetooth, wifi, and cable connections.

How to Setup a Logitech Mouse That Is Wired

Most of us now use wireless mice thanks to technological advancements. However, some people continue to favour a wired mouse over a wireless one.

You can experience problems with the batteries or their connection when using a wireless mouse. The same is true for a mouse that supports Bluetooth. With a wired mouse, all you need to do is connect the two ends, and unless the cables are defective, your mouse will function flawlessly.

Consequently, a cable is frequently included when we purchase a wireless Logitech mouse. This is to guarantee that, in the event of a wireless connection issue, we can still use the device by connecting it by cable. Well, nobody should have any trouble configuring a wired Logitech mouse. In order to ensure that the connection works properly, follow these general instructions:

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Make sure the mouse is compatible with the operating system you’re using before anything else. Frequently, the user guide will contain this information. The initial end of the cable is usually already attached to itself in wired Logitech mouse.

  • You can thus easily attach the USB or PS/2 connector of your mouse cable to a free USB-IN or PS/2-IN port, depending on your mouse cord. However, you might need to put both ends into their appropriate ports on some mouse.
  • The operating system detects your device and installs the necessary driver after a successful connection. However, you might need to manually install a driver if it doesn’t do so for some reason.
  • Press Windows key + X to do this.
  • the Device Manager option.
  • Choose your mice and pointing devices.
  • Next, select Update Driver by doing a right-click on your mouse.
  • Continue by doing as instructed on the screen.
  • Finally, test your wired Logitech mouse’s configuration by moving it around.

What’s the best way to set up a wireless Logitech mouse?

A wireless mouse uses radio frequency to function. As a result, it is more remote-controllable than a cable mouse. The gaps in between, nevertheless, might not make it easier for you to utilize the mouse at a much greater distance. You can use a wireless Logitech mouse without a special cord if you have one. However, you must confirm whether or not your mouse has a USB dongle.

Well, the majority of Logitech models include this in the box with your mouse. If you misplace it, you can connect additional Logitech input devices using the Logitech Unifying receiver. Check to see if your operating system is supported by the wireless Logitech mouse before continuing with the instructions below. Let’s get started with the setup instructions in detail.

Set Your Mouse Battery

If your battery is dead, a wireless mouse won’t work. Therefore, it’s crucial to use functional batteries. Well, your Logitech mouse can primarily use AA and AAA batteries. We offer a thorough explanation on how to replace a wireless mouse’s batteries if you are ever confused. You have the choice to charge your mouse battery in various Logitech mouse models. You can see a green light glowing on the device’s dedicated LED when it is charging.

Your wireless USB dongle must be connected

Once your mouse batteries have been set up, you require the specific USB dongle. Keep in mind that you cannot utilize the USB receiver of another device. All you need to do is take the USB dongle and plug it into a PC port that is open. Make sure the plug is in securely to prevent a connection problem.

Activate the mouse

The Logitech mouse must now be turned on. The device’s bottom part should contain the button you’re looking for. The mouse’s default setting is off. Simply move the slider toward the device’s On letter to turn it on. Your Logitech mouse may need to be dragged sideways in certain models, or you may need to slide it up and down in others. In some versions, turning on the mouse is as simple as pressing the ON button.

To make sure that your Logitech mouse has turned on, look for the shining light. Your light might not be working for some reason. Simply unplug the USB dongle and replug it in this situation. The LED should now be lit after turning on the mouse.

Reminder: After using the mouse, we advise turning it off. Your battery is preserved in this way.

Verify Connection

You might need to click the Connector button on some Logitech mice. However, this feature has been eliminated in most contemporary mice. This implies that the connection will be established automatically as soon as the USB is plugged in and the mouse is turned on. But if your model needs a connection set up, just utilize the mouse’s connector button. Next, push it with a pin. Check your wireless Logitech mouse’s functionality one last time. Drag your mouse around to accomplish this; if it moves well, congrats! You succeeded.

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Install Logitech software, if desired

The benefit of having a Logitech mouse is that you can add extra mouse functionality using Logitech software. You can download and set up either Logitech G Hub or Logi Options+. These applications enable you to modify the mouse DPI or even raise the polling frequency.

How Can a Bluetooth Logitech Mouse Be Set Up?

A Bluetooth mouse can only be used across a smaller area than wireless mice can. Even they communicate via radio waves, but at a lower GHz. The benefit of utilizing this mouse is that no ports on your computer are required for connection. The Bluetooth connection between the mouse and your computer makes this possible. A Bluetooth Logitech mouse configuration is quite comparable to a wireless mouse setup.

To guarantee a proper connection, you must do a few additional procedures. Verify that your Logitech mouse is compatible with your OS before continuing. Inspect your batteries as well. Then, if your mouse has one, switch it on and push the Connector button. Now, follow the instructions below to set up your input device.

activate Bluetooth

The first step is to enable Bluetooth on both your mouse and your computer. Navigate to the bottom of your mouse, then press and hold the Bluetooth button there for a few seconds to enable Bluetooth. Your device’s light will start to flicker continually as a result, signaling that your mouse is in pairing mode.

You must activate your PC’s Bluetooth in addition to the mouse. We shall examine the procedures here for both Windows and macOS.

With Windows 11

  • Select Settings by clicking the Windows symbol in the taskbar.
  • Go to Bluetooth & Devices by navigating.
  • Enable Bluetooth by performing a search for it.

With MacOS

  • System Preferences can be accessed by tapping the Apple symbol.
  • The Bluetooth icon should then be clicked.
  • When a new window appears, select Turn Bluetooth on.

Mac and PC together

You must now link the Logitech mouse with your PC after turning on Bluetooth on both the mouse and the computer. Here is a short tutorial that will help you on both Windows and Mac.

Using Windows

  • Select Settings > Bluetooth & Devices > Devices from the menu.
  • Then select Add device and add-Bluetooth-device
  • Select Bluetooth, then wait for your mouse to appear.
  • After clicking it, wait a short while for it to connect.
  • After that, click the Done button and take pleasure in using your Logitech mouse.

On Mac

  • Move to Bluetooth in System Preferences after starting it. Look for your mouse on the right panel by navigating there.
  • Simply click it when you locate it and wait for it to pair.
  • Once the Bluetooth mouse is configured, you can access extra functions by downloading and installing suitable Logitech software. But read our other article to learn how to fix your Bluetooth mouse if it is slow.