10 Essential Skills of A Shopify Front-End Developer

What you need exactly is to hire a Shopify front end developer that goes beyond the pre-built elements to develop a responsive store.

Shopify Front-End Developer

A majority of retailers today thrive on e-commerce and are going digital. So, why would you be left behind? But when hiring an expert, you need to know which skills to leverage. It is not just about adding value to your store with pre-built apps and themes or drag-and-drop features.

What you need exactly is to hire a Shopify front end developer that goes beyond the pre-built elements to develop a responsive store. Getting experts who are creative with the job lets you squeeze out the best from them, and check their previous projects. Make sure the skills of the development team helps in improving the usability of your online store.

Here are a bunch of skills a Shopify developer needs to possess.

1. Knowledge of Shopify APIs

When you need to transform a simple Shopify store into a personalized and powerful store, find out whether the developer has a thorough knowledge of the Application Programming Interfaces or APIs.


You need a flurry of APIs to address the business problems like customizing the buying experience or creating custom marketing events. So, if the developer has only a thin knowledge of the APIs, they may not deliver the value you are looking forward to in your site.

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2. Communication skills

A Shopify store developer with all-around knowledge follows a timeline and is confident about finishing the jobs on time. Moreover, they communicate with the clients and respond to their messages all the time.

Make sure the individual keeps you updated about the project and aid in building positive relationships. Good communication skills are a must-have for developers to complete projects within the deadlines.

3. Knowledge of mobile devices

Most people prefer shopping on their mobile phones, so you need to make your store and website mobile-friendly. Does the developer have extensive knowledge of developing a responsive e-commerce store? Find out more from them about ways to test the product and platforms they use to rev up the mobile experience of customers.

4. Offering support and maintenance

A Shopify ecommerce development company should be able to provide support and maintenance even when the site is live. So, before finalizing on hiring the developer, go through the company’s website to get the desired information.

There are service providers who offer free support and maintenance for a short span. However, most of them offer a paid service where you will be billed based on the hours the developer works. So, clear all your doubts before hiring.

5. Experience with the site

Creating and optimizing an e-commerce site is a complex task, so the developer you hire must have adequate experience. Picking from hundreds of payment methods, photos, and checkout option is something only an experienced developer needs to handle to get your site up and running. Furthermore, Shopify relies extensively on data migration and integration, so the developer needs to be well-versed while using these functionalities.

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6. Adding new features

No matter how experienced the developer is, they need to know how to add new features to the site. It is not only about adding new products but managing the price points as well. While adding new features to the store makes it more up-to-date. Moreover, it will satisfy those customers who are constantly looking for new products in their favorite stores.

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7. Integration of ads

You are ready with a Shopify store but do you know how to promote the site? An experienced developer needs to have the know-how of integrating the social media advertising to reach out to people who may be interested in your store. So that you can get a detailed report of all your online activities from your website’s backend.

8. Knowledge of Shopify

A Shopify developer needs to know how to develop and customize Shopify Themes. Without these skills, the developer may not be able to develop themes based on the client’s requirements. Moreover, without knowing how to create themes, the developer may not know how to troubleshoot issues during customization.

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9. Knowledge of HTML and CSS

A Shopify developer must have a thorough understanding of CSS and HTML as majority of the themes need to be built based on them. If you want to build a functional store that looks and feels good, look for an offshore web development company.

 10. Knowledge of JavaScript

With constant demands from clients to add more functionality to an e-commerce store, the developer you hire must know JavaScript. Many developers use JavaScript to customize the front-end of the online store.

Hiring a skilled developer with knowledge of Shopify may mean that you need to place bets on people who know the job. Make sure the developer you hire has most of these skills to satisfy the front-end requirements.