The Top iPhone Apps for Apple CarPlay

Apple CarPlay makes it simple to navigate, reply to messages, and play music while driving if your vehicle or sound system is compatible.

Apple CarPlay

The top Apple CarePlay applications are listed below, and they include options for chatting, navigation, and streaming audio. Apple CarPlay makes it simple to navigate, reply to messages, and play music while driving if your vehicle or sound system is compatible. Additionally, to get the most of this function, your iPhone has to be loaded with CarPlay-compatible apps.

Let’s look at some of the top Apple CarPlay applications that are worthwhile to use.

A Reminder Regarding Available Carplay Apps

Unfortunately, CarPlay only supports a very limited number of iOS apps. One of three categories—audio, navigation, or messaging—comprises the great majority of them. Because of how much they overlap, you probably won’t instal too many of these programmes. For example, if you currently use Apple Music, there is no need to instal Spotify.

CarPlay will now accept fueling and driving applications, such as ones that may assist you locate cheaper gas prices or check toll pricing, starting with iOS 16. However, as of this writing, those are not supported. Before moving on to some of the greatest third-party CarPlay applications, we’ll go through the most practical built-in CarPlay apps so you can understand how to utilise them.

It’s likely that any music or navigation service you use, other than those we’ve highlighted below, is compatible with CarPlay. It’s likely that any music or navigation service you use, other than those we’ve highlighted below, is compatible with CarPlay.

You don’t need to take any additional steps if you’re wondering how to instal applications to CarPlay. Install the app normally on your iPhone, then launch it once to proceed through any setup procedures. Once you’ve connected your device to your car, you’ll be able to view the app in the list of applications on the display if it supports CarPlay.

If you’re unfamiliar with this feature, make sure you’re up to speed by reading our overview of Apple CarPlay. Despite not being a true CarPlay app, you may access the currently playing audio source by selecting Now Playing from the app list.

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The Best Apple CarPlay Apps Included

Let’s start by taking a look at the CarPlay-compatible iPhone applications that are the most beneficial. Keep in mind that in addition to these, Siri may also use functions from the Clock, Reminders, and other built-in applications. You may use instructions like “Add paper towels to my grocery list” or “Set an alarm for 7am tomorrow” even if you won’t see CarPlay icons for them.

1. App Store Maps

If you don’t prefer another navigation programme, Apple Maps is a wonderful option for CarPlay (see below). You’ll see a map of your location when you open it. When you click the Destinations link, Maps will recommend locations based on your current location or previous message and email discussions.

Gas stations, restaurants, and other items may all be readily located using the Search feature. To use Siri for navigation, press the microphone button on your steering wheel or tap the microphone icon on the screen.

2. Phone

You can place and receive calls in your car thanks to the CarPlay integration of the Phone app. Opening the app lets you browse your contacts, open a dialer, review recent calls, or check your voicemail.

However, it’s safer to just utilise Siri integration and say something like “Call Sarah Smith” because scrolling through a list of contacts or using a dial pad while operating a motor vehicle is dangerous.

3. Messages

You may securely communicate in the car using the Messages app. To hear the most recent messages in a discussion read aloud, tap on it. You may also use your voice to dictate a new message right here. To utilise the app without opening it, try saying “Read my most recent text messages” or “Text Norah I’ll be home in 15 minutes.”

4. Apple Music

A good playlist may make a long journey more pleasurable. If you’re a subscriber, use the Music app with CarPlay to access the whole Apple Music library. Of course, you can also play everything you’ve bought from iTunes. To browse your library and playlists, open the app. Asking Siri to play your preferred musicians, albums, genres, and more is also simple.

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5. Podcasts

Want to listen to podcasts on your commute rather than music? To access the podcasts you’ve subscribed to on your iPhone, use the Podcasts app. With requests like “Play the Really Useful Podcast” and “Skip ahead one minute,” Siri may also be of use.

Carplay Apps

The Best Apple CarPlay Third-Party Apps

Several third-party applications are compatible with CarPlay, in addition to the aforementioned apps that are pre-installed on every iPhone. There aren’t many alternatives, but they all allow for hands-free operation of Siri.

You’ll see icons for any CarPlay-compatible applications you have installed on your iPhone on the CarPlay home screen. CarPlay is set up to work with supported apps from auto manufacturers in addition to the apps listed below for controlling the features of your vehicle.

For instance, you could use this to access the climate control in your car without leaving CarPlay. You’ll also see an app with the name of your car’s manufacturer when in CarPlay. To get back to the default infotainment system, tap here.

6. Waze

Apple made third-party navigation applications compatible with CarPlay starting with iOS 12. Although Google Maps is also an option, we’ve included Waze since it stands out more. Waze’s information is mostly appealing due of its crowdsourced nature. The app notifies you of neighboring construction zones, speed traps, and other roadblocks. If you think Apple Maps is lacking, give it a go.

7. TuneIn Radio

Do you prefer to listen to the radio in your car but are unable to find your preferred station nearby? One of the top radio applications for the iPhone, TuneIn Radio, is compatible with CarPlay. It allows you to search among more than 100,000 radio stations from across the globe. Save your favourites to your phone before you go behind the wheel for fast access.

8. Audible

Amazon’s Audible service is a terrific method to satisfy your love of audiobooks. With a membership, you may download and keep a new book every month from a huge selection of genres. You can purchase books separately if you don’t want to subscribe, although doing so isn’t as economical.

You may play any downloaded audiobooks inside the CarPlay app, so be careful to store them when connected to Wi-Fi. To get most out of the service, check out our top Audible recommendations.

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9. WhatsApp

One of the few third-party messaging programmes accessible through CarPlay is WhatsApp (Telegram is another). You have the option to dictate a new message or hear unread messages read aloud when you access it. However, all the typical voice commands are present, allowing you to use Siri to read incoming messages and make voice responses. When the app is loaded, WhatsApp alerts will also appear on the CarPlay home screen (unless Focus mode is selected).

10. Spotify

You probably use Spotify for music streaming if you don’t utilise Apple Music. Spotify’s CarPlay integration allows you to browse your playlists and other stored music through its user interface, much like other music applications. You may also just ask Siri to begin playing a certain album or genre.

In order to handle a variety of audio entertainment in one app, Spotify also hosts podcasts. Keep in mind that Spotify Premium is required to listen to music without ads, store it for offline listening, and turn off shuffle.

11. MLB

The MLB app makes it easier for baseball fans to stay up to date with league news. You may use CarPlay to listen to game audio while driving, but an MLB Audio membership is required. Condensed games are among the premium features that may be unlocked with that membership. You can still check out the game of the day with the free version, but you can’t use CarPlay to listen to it.