Does ChatGPT Have a Character or Word Limit for Responses?

How substantial are the replies you receive from this multipurpose robot, though? You might not realize how difficult it is to establish this.


How long can the generative AI continue to react to you in ChatGPT before it stops? Big news about ChatGPT. How substantial are the replies you receive from this multipurpose robot, though? You might not realise how difficult it is to establish this. Start by posing this query to ChatGPT, and you can rest confident that there are no restrictions on how long its responses can be.

But as we find out in this article, it’s not that easy. There are unspoken restrictions on the duration of a ChatGPT message, but there are also some clever hacks you can use to get longer responses.

How Does ChatGPT Calculate a Response’s Length?

The way ChatGPT operates is complicated, and the time it takes to respond varies based on the questions posed and the degree of detail provided. The following image demonstrates what ChatGPT says are no stringent restrictions.

Not at all what we discovered. In the case below, ChatGPT abruptly ends an answer in the middle of a thought. We requested that it create a 1,000 word article on the advantages of a cyclical economy. When ChatGPT reached 677 lines, it ceased replying.

Each time we took the test again with a new set of questions, it would halt in the middle of a statement and infrequently experience a network problem. There are several methods to resolve network errors in ChatGPT, and this is a frequent error. The ticket system is one factor in the explanation for why this occurs.

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What Token System Does ChatGPT Employ?

ChatGPT employs a token system rather than a straightforward word count to gauge the duration of both inquiries and replies. Each input and output are divided into a number of symbols that are used to categorise the request and answer sizes.

Although word quantity does factor into this, it is not the only factor. For instance, the Tokenizer utility of OpenAi was used to tokenize the sample below. The phrase and response were “Tokenized,” giving them a value of nine tokens. This is in line with the “rule of thumb” proposed by OpenAI, according to which one token is equal to three-quarters of a phrase.

User queries and data are limited to 4,097 tokens under the GPT 3.5 paradigm. According to OpenAI, this is equivalent to around 3,000 lines. It’s crucial to remember that this restriction pertains to both the query and the answer.

While this sounds great in principle, the outcomes we got never came close to these bounds. Only 798 tokens were used to represent the partial response that ChatGPT provided in our previous test.

Why Is ChatGPT’s Response Time So Short?

The discussion surrounding this young technology has rapidly surpassed all others in this century. Huge demand for ChatGPT has resulted from this. In the end, this demand has successfully reduced responses to levels well below the specified boundaries.

Although this hasn’t been officially confirmed, there seems to be a de facto restriction of about 500 words or 4,000 characters. To emphasize, this is not a set norm; we produced results that were nearly 200 words longer. To get full responses, this can be regarded as a safe upper limit.

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How to Get Longer ChatGPT Responses?

There are some easy methods to help you get more thorough answers once you realise that ChatGPT’s comments have a “hidden limit.”

Ask ChatGPT to Continue: If ChatGPT pauses in the middle of a response, you can ask it to carry on. The phrase “Go on” was typed in the sample below, which resulted in an addition of 200 words to the answer.

Divide your query into manageable parts: For instance, we repeatedly requested it to compose an article on how AI is affecting society. Each time, the reaction came to a halt. You could ask it to list some subjects for an essay on AI in bullet points and then use each of the listed topics as a suggestion.

Use the Regenerate option: Although this might produce the same mistake, there is no risk in trying.

Indicate in your question a maximum word count for your response: The example in the picture below shows how this can be used to manipulate the allotted word limit for a response. These pointers will enable you to circumvent ChatGPT’s unauthorised response length cap and obtain more thorough replies from it.

Quality Over Quantity in ChatGPT

Although ChatGPT replies can be as long as you like, the site seems to have a cap of about 500 words, or 4,000 characters. This is primarily attributable to the enormous demand for ChatGPT.

There are easy methods you can use to help you get lengthier answers because this has resulted in partial answers and responses that halt mid-sentence. Despite these drawbacks, ChatGPT is still a remarkable technical advancement that will grow and spread in terms of production quantity and quality.