How to make a photo album in PowerPoint 2010

Excellent for many types of presentations than simply professional ones. To make a spectacular performance, use Microsoft PowerPoint.

Make a photo album in PowerPoint

Slideshows are excellent for many types of presentations than simply professional ones. To make a spectacular performance, use Microsoft PowerPoint to make a picture book and add music or visual effects. Let’s look at how to construct a photo book in PowerPoint for personal presentations of special occasions like weddings and anniversaries or even slideshows for companies where the major focus is photographs.

Set up a PowerPoint photo album

Open PowerPoint and either start from scratch or utilize an existing presentation. PowerPoint automatically adds the picture album to a new slideshow when you create it. Select Photo Album > New Photo Album from the Images area of the ribbon on the Insert menu. Start by adding the desired photographs when the Photo Album window appears.

Click “File/Disk” under Insert Picture From on the left. Using Ctrl as you click each image, you may choose many photos at once or one at a time. When you click “Insert,” the pictures are added to the Photo Album window’s Pictures in Album box. Once you’ve uploaded all the photographs you desire, repeat the process.

By picking a photo and then using the up and down arrows underneath the “Pictures in Album” box, you may change the order of the images. Another option is to remove a previously inserted photo using Remove. Click “New Text Box” on the left to add a text slide to the photo album. Then, you may move this slide anywhere you want it to go by using the up and down arrows. Additionally, you may add extra text slides. Once you’ve created the presentation, you’ll add the text to these slides.

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Modify the Images

A few choices exist for modifying or fixing the images in your album. You may make all of your photographs black and white for a distinctive appearance. Check the box next to Picture Options on the left to make all images black and white.

You may also do this if you want to make a few minor tweaks while leaving your photographs as-is. By ticking the box, choose a picture from the list. You may rotate the image, change the contrast, and raise or lower the brightness using the controls on the right beneath the image preview.

Adapt the Photo Album

The layout is a last step in creating your photo album. Use the Picture Layout drop-down box at the bottom of the Photo Album window to choose the desired layout. You may choose one, two, or four images per slide with or without titles, or use Fit to Slide. The photographs that are grouped together are denoted by numbers in the Pictures in Album box whether you select a one, two, or four-picture arrangement.

Once more, you may rearrange them using the up and down arrows. You may add a frame to the images if you choose a layout other than Fit to Slide. Choose from choices like a rectangle, rounded rectangle, or soft edge frame using the drop-down box for the frame shape.

If your photographs don’t fit on the slides, you may also utilize the captions option. Check the box that says “Captions Below All Photos” on the left, just below Picture Options. This then adds a text box containing the photo’s name below the image to each slide. You may either leave it as is or change it to something more informative. If you want to utilize a theme that is already installed on your computer, click “Browse,” pick the theme, and then click “Select.”

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Make or change the photo album

When you’re done configuring the picture album, click “Create,” and your fresh slideshow will appear. If you chose these choices, you may now add the text for the captions, titles, or text slides. Additionally, you may select a design concept from the list on the right, add music, transitions, or animations.

Just like you normally would, save your slideshow. Then, select Insert > Picture Album > Edit Photo Album to make changes to the photo album. After making your changes, click “Update” to put them into effect. A picture slideshow may be made from scratch in PowerPoint. However, using the picture album function makes making that unforgettable presentation much simpler and more aesthetically pleasing.