How to Restart a Firestick from Amazon

You could need to restart Amazon Firestick gadgets repeatedly, despite the fact that they are excellent for streaming. On a regular basis.

firestick from amazon

You could need to restart Amazon Firestick gadgets repeatedly, despite the fact that they are excellent for streaming. On a regular basis, your Fire TV Stick may have faults including system slowdown, app malfunctions, or problems connecting to the internet. The best solution in these circumstances is to restart the device. We have listed four possible ways to restart Firestick, depending on the state of your Firestick device. In this essay, let’s examine each technique in greater depth.

How Can a Firestick Be Restarted?

Your Firestick gadget cannot be turned off using the remote. However, you may restart your Firestick right from the settings menu. Additionally, you may restart your Firestick by pressing the remote shortcut button.

Remote control

Using the shortcut buttons on your Firestick remote is the quickest method to restart your Firestick device. When you are unable to go through settings, you can employ this technique. Press the Pause/Play and Select buttons on your Firestick remote control at the same time to restart. When the device restarts, the message “Your Fire TV Stick is Powering Off” should appear. The Firestick will restart right away after turning off. If the message does not appear on the screen, try hitting your remote’s restart shortcut button once more.

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Based on settings

The device can also be restarted from the Settings menu. However, you must check that your Firestick remote and tablet are both in good working order before using this approach. You can restart from Settings by following the instructions provided.

  • From the Firestick’s home screen, choose Settings.
  • Pick My Fire TV
  • Choose “Restart”
  • Pick Restart in the confirmation pop-up.

Using a Remote Mobile App

If your Firestick remote is damaged or lost, you can use the Fire TV mobile app remote instead. You may access the device settings and restart the device using the app remote. You should be aware that this approach is only practical if you have already linked both devices. Additionally, once your Firestick device and smartphone are both connected to the same Wi-Fi, you can effortlessly utilize the Fire TV app remote.

The steps are listed below.

  • Open the Fire TV app on your smartphone.
  • Then, pick your Fire TV to join.
  • On your mobile device, enter the PIN code. The PIN number is visible on the Fire TV.
  • Access to the app remote will be provided. The Home button may be tapped on the directional pad.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Restart by going to My Fire TV.
  • To confirm, choose Restart once more from the pop-up menu.

Power off Firestick via force

You may also restart your Firestick by disconnecting the power cable from it for a brief period of time and then plugging it back in. In order to cool down the overheated gadget, you may also disconnect the Firestick from the TV. If your remote shortcut is not working and you need to restart a frozen Firestick TV, this solution may be helpful.

See the instructions for it below.

  • First, use the TV remote to turn off your smart TV.
  • Take the Firestick’s Micro USB wire out of the device. Remove the Firestick from your TV right now.
  • Insert the Micro USB cord into Firestick and wait for 20 to 30 seconds. Re-insert the Firestick into the TV after that.
  • your TV to on.

Related Issues

Why Do You Keep Restarting Your Firestick?
It may be caused by an overheated device if your Firestick continues restarting even when you are not doing a restart. A poor power supply may also contribute to this problem. If you’ve run across this problem, you can find comprehensive remedies in our post on why your Firestick keeps restarting.

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My Amazon Firestick Won’t Restart; Why

If your Firestick’s firmware is damaged, it could not restart. You may need to restore your Firestick to its factory default settings if you are stuck on a frozen screen and none of the other techniques work. Re-configure your Firestick device.

Press the Back and Right navigation buttons on your Firestick controller simultaneously to complete a factory reset. When the message “Resetting Your Amazon Firestick to Factory Defaults” appears on the screen, do not release the button.