Microsoft Edge has six practical features that google chrome lacks

Microsoft Edge

Although Microsoft Edge has improved significantly over the past several years, does it now offer enough distinctive and practical features to displace Chrome as the most popular browser in the world? A few characteristics could persuade you.

The tools and functionality of two browsers built using the same technology, Chromium, could seem to be pretty comparable. But this is not what we observe with Edge and Chrome. Although Chrome continues to be the world’s most popular desktop browser, there is no question that Microsoft wants a larger share of the market. Chrome is obviously doing something right in this regard.

This goal appears to be supported by the amount of effort being put into Edge and the frequent addition of new features and tools. There has never been a better moment to think about moving to Edge, even if it still has a ways to go before it reaches the level of popularity of the Google browser.

Here are a few helpful features that Chrome lacks that Edge has.

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Horizontal Tabs

Although it might not immediately jump out at you as a game-changer, Edge’s ability to relocate open tabs to the side of the window is quite helpful. This is particularly true if you have several tabs open since it allows for more room for the page title to be shown. Although you do lose some screen space, you may mitigate this by unpinning the tabs window so that it reduces when not in use.

Edge easily beats Chrome in terms of available generic tabs. The vertical tabs option on the Microsoft browser’s menu also includes a search tabs option. When you search, a new panel appears that enables you to look for terms in both the open and recently closed tabs’ titles.

And speaking of recently closed tabs, Edge gives you access to a full list, unlike Chrome, which just allows you to reopen the most recent closed tab. If your other devices run the Edge browser, you can even open tabs from other devices.

An Edge Bar

One of the most frequently disregarded aspects of Edge may be the Edge Bar. You may get a glimpse of the Microsoft news feed from the Start Page using this practical tool. A thin window that sits to the side of your screen allows you to search the web and save favorite websites.

Following the installation of an Edge update, the Edge Bar can show for the first time. If not, you may do so by selecting More Tools from the Edge menu. When the main Edge browser window is closed, the Edge Bar will continue to be visible. You may select to have the bar open automatically when your computer starts under Edge Settings > Edge Bar.

Web recording

You may save an entire webpage as a picture using the feature called Web Capture. Web Capture is an excellent tool if you want to share a screenshot of a web page without having to transmit numerous photographs or combine many screenshots into one image. However, it will be more beneficial for some individuals than others. Either from the Edge menu or by right-clicking the page and choosing it from the context menu, you may choose Web Capture. There are two choices for the Web Capture tool.

Capture region and Capture complete page. While the second takes the complete page and displays the image as a preview, the first just allows you to grab a portion of the page. Before saving or sharing the image, you may then add drawings or text. While a full-page snapshot is available with Chrome, it is a secret developer tool without an annotation feature. An alternative is to store web pages in Chrome as individual pieces.

Image inside Image

Picture-in-picture (PiP) mode has been available while watching movies on Edge for some time, but it was simple to overlook if you weren’t aware of it. You had to either right-click on a video and choose the PiP control option from the context menu, or you had to enable the PiP control button in the Edge settings.

Since then, Microsoft has made the Picture-in-Picture control default-enabled. In Edge, a little PiP control button will show up at the top of the video window when you’re watching a video on a website. After that, you can click the button to open a little flyout window and keep viewing the movie. If the video viewer’s default location doesn’t work for you, you may resize it and move it about the screen.

Although Chrome does permit picture-in-picture on YouTube videos, it is not immediately clear how to turn it on. If you don’t already know, you must right-click a video twice before choosing it from the second context menu. And while PiP in Edge doesn’t work with every internet video you come across, it does in some cases if the movie is stored somewhere other than YouTube.

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Edge collections resemble virtual mood boards in several ways. They provide you a location to organize links, photos, and text together while conducting internet research, which makes them highly helpful. Instead of just having a bunch of links saved to your favorites, you may end up with a lot more organized assortment of information.

Although you generally won’t use collections frequently, they are a novel method to preserve material from the Internet. Similar functions are performed by Chrome extensions like Note Board. However, there is nothing comparable on the Google browser without adding software. For additional details on how to use this practical feature, see our guide to Edge Collections.

Effective Mode

The resource-hungry nature of Chrome is well-known, especially when you have a lot of tabs open. Despite not having the same reputation for hogging system memory, Edge still offers you a number of performance options, including Efficiency Mode.

The Edge menu allows you to activate the efficiency mode. When the mode is on, it automatically puts idle tabs to sleep after a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, it modestly restricts the use of the Edge CPU, improving overall PC performance and perhaps extending laptop batteries’ lives.

The phrase “usefulness” is ambiguous. You could believe that none of these Edge tools, a select few, or perhaps all of them sound beneficial. Edge certainly offers you a tone of options and ways to tailor it to your preferences. To test if the Microsoft browser can take the place of Chrome on your PC, now could be the ideal moment to give it a shot.