On Google Maps, how to Send a Pin Location

If you don't submit a pinned location. It's crucial to remove the pin before sending it in order to communicate your precise position.

On Google Maps Pin Location

Have you ever texted someone your current location but they received one that was different? Or, when you shared the location, someone just received the closest address. If you don’t submit a pinned location, this may occur. It’s crucial to remove the pin before sending it in order to communicate your precise position. The precise GPS coordinates of the location will be saved. Let’s learn how to transmit a pin position on Google Maps from this post.

On Google Maps, how to Send a Pin Location

A Google Maps pinnacle location may be quickly sent using the plus code or HTML link. Additionally, you may distribute it on social media. Find out below how to do it on a computer or a mobile device.

Prior to starting

  • Join your smartphone to a reliable network.
  • On your smartphone, enable location services.
  • Give both the browser and the app permission to access your current location.
  • Enable location accuracy
  • Pinned Locations to Send

From your smartphone or computer, you may search for a location, drop the pin, and share your pinned location. Mobile users may share a pinned location from Google Maps on a variety of channels, including email, social media, messaging, and more. So you can immediately send it. Please adhere to the instructions for iOS and Android. on an iPad or iPhone

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Visit the Google Maps app

  • Enter a place name or find a location on the map in the search bar.
  • To drop the pin on the spot, first pick and hold the Marker symbol. To expand the menu,
  • tap on the name of the pinned Place.
  • Find the Share icon, and then press it.
  • Find the share icon, then press it.

The link can be copied or shared in apps. Choose the Medium and click “Send To Android”

Visit the Google Maps app

Find the location on a map. Alternatively, you may type a place name into the search field.
Choose and hold the marker symbol on your location to drop the pin. Select and hold the marker icon on your location.

  • On the bottom of your screen, tap on the place name.
  • The URL may either be shared through applications or copied to the clipboard.
  • Choose your desired medium, locate the recipient, and click Send.

In a computer

  • You may select the location size view in the link when sending a pinned location from a computer. Consequently, to communicate a location from a computer.
  • Access Google Maps on a computer.
  • Next, select the three horizontal lines in the main menu from the top-left menu.

To share or embed a map, click

Name the location in the search bar. Go to Embed a map and choose the size from the drop-down menu. You may then send the HTML link by copying it. Send Your Most Recent Pin Location. Your current location may not always be precise when you pin and transmit it. Similar to sending a pinned place, sharing your current pinned location does the same.

You must drop the pin on your present position this time, though. It’s really handy to share your current pinned location since you don’t need to look for a spot on a map. You may view your current position as soon as Google Maps on your phone is opened. As a result, you can easily drop the pin. The instructions for iOS and Android are below.

iPad or iPhone

  • Open the Google Maps application.
  • Your current location is shown. To highlight your location, tap the Location Icon.
  • then pick out the Marker Icon and hold it to tack the current place.
  • To send it, please hit the Share button and select your Medium from the options.

Using Android

Open Google Maps and select your area by tapping the location button.
By choosing and holding the marker icon, you may pin the current location.
Tap the Share button, then choose your favorite Medium to send it through.

In a computer

You must search your current location to remove the pin if you email your current pinned location from a computer. Your current location is hidden from view. See the steps listed below. Launch Google Maps on your internet browser. Your current location is hidden from view. So, use the search field to input your present location.

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Select the “Share” button

  • Using the drop-down menu on the embed a map page, choose the map size.
  • Using the drop-down menu on the embed a map page, choose the map size.
  • Then, you can copy HTML to share. The Send a link tab also allows you to share directly.
    Pinned Location Plus Code Send
  • Sharing a place’s plus code is another way to convey a pinned location.
  • The digital address features like street addresses are plus codes.
  • A bookmarked location can be sent similarly to a plus code.
  • Select and hold the Marker symbol to release the pin.
  • Next, get the location’s Plus code by scrolling down.
  • To copy the code, tap it.

Use the Code to send by pasting it into an email, message, or social media post.

Using Android

  • Use Google Maps to find the location.
  • To drop the pin, select and hold the Marker symbol.
  • Tap the Place name at the bottom of your screen.
  • then click on About. The code can be located.
  • To copy the code, tap it.
  • Copy the code and paste it on the desired platform to send.

In a computer

  • Follow the instructions to deliver a pinned location + code from your computer. Open Google Maps in a new tab.
  • Find the location, then click the Plus Code to copy it. Then, to send, paste the Code into a message on social media, email, or elsewhere.