How to Markup PDF Documents in Mozilla

In this article, we will talk about PDF Documents in Mozilla. It can be annoying to launch a PDF editor. Here's how to annotate PDFs directly

Markup PDF in Mozilla

In this article, we will talk about PDF Documents in Mozilla. It can be annoying to launch a PDF editor. Here’s how to annotate PDFs directly from Firefox to prevent doing that. Mozilla Firefox is a browser that allows you to open and view PDF files, just as Edge and Chrome. Firefox’s PDF toolbar does not by default include any annotation options, in contrast to Edge. Nevertheless, Firefox still gives you the choice of annotating PDF files with and without extra browser add-ons. Here, we’ll look at the process.

Markup PDF Documents in Mozilla

How to Use the PDF Viewer in Firefox to Annotate PDFs

Okay, it seems that there are no annotation possibilities in Firefox’s PDF reader. However, by altering a secret advanced setting, you may make new editing capabilities for PDF files available in that browser. In Firefox, you may choose additional text and art settings for PDFs. The following describes how to activate and use Fox’s PDF annotation tools:

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  • In the URL address bar on Fox, type about: config and click Return to enter the Advanced Preferences page tab.
  • To enable PDF tools, just click the Accept the Risk option (there is no risk).
  • Then type pdfjs.annotation Editor Mode into the text box for search preferences.
  • To open the preference’s text box, double-click the pdfjs.annotation Editor Mode preference.
  • Click the blue Save button after entering 0 for pdfjs.annotation Editor Mode in the text box for that setting.
  • Enter pdfjs.annotation Mode into the search box after that.
  • It is necessary to set the preference’s value for pdfjs.annotation Mode to 2. If pdfjs.annotation Mode is not already set to that value, click Save after double-clicking the option to enter 2.
  • After changing those about: config settings, shut down Firefox.
  • In Explorer, right-click a PDF file and choose “Open with.”
  • To see a PDF file in that browser, choose to open it in Firefox. On the toolbar of the Firefox PDF viewer, you should now notice new Add Free Text Annotation and Add Ink Annotation buttons.

To access the text size and color menus, click the Add Free Text button. To select a color for the text, click the Color box. To change the scale, drag the Size bar’s slider. Next, click anywhere inside the PDF to insert some text. To annotate your PDF with ink, click the Add Ink Annotation button. By clicking the Color box palette, you may select an ink color. To change the width of the pen, move the slider on the Thickness bar left or right.

Additionally, you may modify the transparency of the ink by using the slider on the Opacity bar. To draw on the PDF, left-click anywhere and hold down the mouse button. By selecting the Download option, you may save an altered file. Put the PDF in a folder of your choosing, then give the file a name in the File name box. To save the PDF to the chosen folder, click Save.

How to Use PDF2Go to Annotate PDFs in Firefox

The PDF reader for Firefox only offers two editing options. You need to use the PDF2Go add-on if you want to highlight and shape PDFs. With the help of the PDF2Go Firefox plugin, users may edit, compress, convert, and merge PDF files inside of Firefox. Open the PDF2Go website in Firefox that is linked below to install that extension. Choose the Add to Firefox option in PDF2Go, then click Add one more to confirm.

The Online PDF Editor button will then appear on Fox’s URL toolbar. To access its menu, click the Online PDF Editor icon. To access a page with a Choose File option, select Edit PDF. Select a PDF by clicking the Choose File option, then click Open. You may now begin modifying your PDF.

Hit the toolbar’s Highlight button. Next, while continuing to depress the mouse’s left button, drag a yellow box over the text in the open document that needs to be highlighted. Click the Ellipse, Rectangle, or Arrow choices to add shapes. Holding down the left mouse button while moving the pointer, drag the shapes onto the page. Adding remarks is possible by selecting the Text option.

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Place the text box by clicking a location in the page; to enlarge it, just move the text box’s corners with the mouse. After that, you may type text into the field. To change the font’s colour, size, and style, click the Options button to open the options menu. When done, select “Save as” from the menu. To convert the document, choose Save. To store it to a local location, click Download.

Instead of Edge, use Firefox to annotate your PDF files

Therefore, users of Firefox do not need to switch to Edge in order to annotate PDF files. The majority of the PDF annotation tools you’ll likely need are available if you enable the built-in PDF editing options in Firefox and apply the PDF2Go extension to that browser. These tools let you add text, scribbles, shapes, and highlights to your PDF files. Now we are understand about how to Markup PDF Documents in Mozilla .After reading this article we can do it very easy How to Markup PDF Documents in Mozilla.