Technical vs. Non-Technical Content Writing: Things to Know

Are you planning to hire a content writer? Know the differences between technical and non-technical content writers before you hire.

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If you are a content writer, a thought that often crosses your mind is that is how technical is technical content writing. Do technical writers have anything in common with non-technical content writers? Well, the former is responsible for producing content related to the functionalities, mechanisms, and ideas of the technical world. Generally speaking, technical content targets a specific audience who are familiar with technical aspects.

On the other hand, non-technical writing is more expansive and diverse and may talk about anything related to our day-to-day lives. So, you might ask whether professional blog writing services produce technical or non-technical content. Well, it all depends on what is the area of specialization of the writer. A technical blog writer needs to pen technical content whereas non-technical blog writers can write on everything else but may not have technical expertise.

What is technical content writing?

The goal of a content writer is to ensure that the write-up produced is relevant and includes elements that help it to drive traffic. For a technical content writer, the area of focus need to be technology. During recent times, IT companies have been focusing on technical content to position themselves above their competitors and to drive sales.

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The style and tone of technical content writing is one that reaches the target audience. Be it about an appliance, a product, the functionalities of machines and everything that relates to the world of technology, you need to get blog writers for hire who are familiar with this realm. Here are what most technical content writers pen for businesses:

  • E books
  • Technical journals
  • How to articles
  • Case studies
  • Documentations
  • Technical reports

Imagine writing an article on the functioning of a blast furnace. Who do you think would do more justice to the topic? The answer is known to all. A technical writer will do a much better job and write more about a blast furnace more spontaneously than a non-technical writer.

Reasons to write technical content?

The primary benefit of writing technical content is sharing knowledge and information with the audience. But technical writers may also need to create content for non-technical audience. In such circumstances, they need to streamline the content and make it more user-friendly for them. Technical writers may also produce content that the audience finds entertaining and nice to read.

What is non-technical content?

Usually, non-technical content will never talk about core technical topics, functionalities, or things that explore technology deep inside. But that does not mean that it will never talk about technical aspects. For instance, you may employ non-technical blog content writing services to write about the features and attributes of mobile phones but if you require to write a user manual of a mobile phone, you will need the services of a technical writer.

Imagine writing about web design and development. A non-technical writer can approach about the basic aspects of web development and design but a technical content writer will talk about the complex aspects of developing and designing websites.

Do technical and non-technical writers have something in common?

Well, they do have a lot in common and the first similarity would be that both need to create professional content that is nicely formatted and well-written. Apart from this, both of them need to write keeping in mind the audience. So, the content produced needs to be relevant and meaningful. Above all, both technical and non-technical content needs to serve the requirements of the audience and answer their questions.

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Parameters of technical and non-technical content writing

Technical and non-technical content writing depends on various parameters and here is what you need to know:

·         Concept

Technical content is entirely based on concepts whereas non-technical content does not go deep inside the concepts or information.

·         Information type

The type of information shared in a technical content is opinionated as perceptions tend to differ from person to person. On the other hand, non-technical blogs talk about generic subjects and includes the opinion of the writer. If you want to hire professional blog writing services for technical and non-technical content writing, connect with Content Freelancing. They have expertise in this field and know how to create the finest content to address the audience.

·         Knowledge

Technical content is usually written by someone who has extensive knowledge in the specific field but non-technical writers may not have knowledge in depth.

·         Audience

The audience of technical writing will have understanding of various tech terms but when it comes to non-technical writing, the audience needs topics that serves the basic requirement.

Are you planning to hire content writers and facing dilemma whether to go for the technical or the non-technical one? The differences and the similarities suggested here will help you decide whether you need website content writing services to write on core technical topics or things that relate to the general audience.