The Top 9 iPhone Lock Screen Apps

The widgets are a feature of the always-on screen on the iPhone 14 range. Some of the top iPhone lock screen widgets are highlighted here.

iPhone lock screen

Use some of these fantastic widgets to personalise the lock screen on your Apple Watch. With iOS 16, your standard, boring iPhone lock screen is receiving a significant upgrade. You may add information from a variety of apps to your lock screen widgets to see it quickly. Additionally, the widgets are a feature of the always-on screen on the iPhone 14 range. Some of the top iPhone lock screen widgets are highlighted here.

Establishing a Lock Screen Widget

Press down on your current lock screen and choose the Customize button at the bottom of the screen to add a lock screen widget. To create a brand-new lock screen, press the +. There are widgets you can add below the time and date. There are two sizes to choose from. All of your apps with lock screen widgets are included below some suggested widgets. See our article on how to personalise your lock screen with iOS 16 for a more thorough breakdown of all the iPhone changes. The top lock screen widgets from third-party apps are listed below.

1. Launchify

A alternative form of lock screen widget is offered by Launchify. You can open any app you can think of from the lock screen in place of information from an app. You can choose the app to add the lock screen and the image to use in just a few simple steps. You have the option to select a unique picture or symbol in addition to the app icon.

When finished, simply hit the icon to launch the chosen app without even needing to unlock your iPhone with the iPhone 14 Pro line. You may add two app widgets to your lock screen using the app’s free edition. To use widgets indefinitely, you must subscribe. Subscribers may also make a new app to launch from the lock screen and add custom icons to an existing app.

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2. Apollo for Reddit

An innovative tool called Apollo for Reddit genuinely improves how the occasionally disorganised social network is used. You can personalise your Reddit experience with a little bit of effort. And the app has a tonne of widgets ready for your lock screen. A trending post widget that lets you choose a preferred subreddit and scrolls through popular posts throughout the day is one of the better solutions.

A widget for a certain subreddit is also an option. A karma widget, a most recent post widget, and even a distance scrolled widget that displays how far your fingers have scrolled overall while using the programme are additional entertaining possibilities. Despite the fact that the app is free, two subscription tiers are offered to access a number of features.


One of our favorites for adding entertaining complexities to your Apple Watch is this. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the software also provides a wonderful selection of lock screen widgets. There are more than 20 different widgets available. There are smaller widgets containing data points and even CARROT’s signature sarcasm, in addition to the usual suspects like hourly and daily prediction charts. Some aspects of the app are free. However, you’ll need to sign up for one of the offered levels in order to have access to the majority of the app offers and lock screen widgets.

4. Fleecy

Traveling by aircraft is rarely enjoyable. However, the potent app Flighty can constantly ensure that you are in control of your flight. offering a tonne of fantastic features, including the ability to see your plane’s location 25 hours prior to takeoff and live streaming data.

The ability to see a countdown to your trip, arrival city weather, the live flight status, as well as the departure gate and time, are some great lock screen widgets you can select. Even when offline, an in-flight progress bar will function. The app is free and has basic functionality. To access the bulk of features and utilise the lock screen widgets to their full potential, a subscription is required.

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5. ETA

Additionally, ETA is a great method to see additional details about your ground journey when you aren’t flying. The software may provide a journey time to any area whether you’re driving, walking, cycling, or taking public transportation. As a result, it’s ideal for adding lock screen widgets that can be quickly glanced at. There are three alternatives available for selection. The trip time and any delays along a route are shown on a single location widget.

Select it to view turn-by-turn directions in the navigation app of your choice. Multiple destination trip times are displayed using a live list widget. A calendar widget will also keep an eye on your schedule for meetings with corresponding times and places. If one is located, you will be shown the travel time there as well as the anticipated time to depart.

6. Pedometer +

Even on your best days, it might be challenging to stay on top of your step targets. You may quickly and simply use an iPhone as a step counter to monitor daily and weekly objectives using Pedometer++.

You may view daily progress without even opening the app with the aid of excellent lock screen widgets. One widget allows you to view the daily step count, target fulfilment % and step count, as well as steps, lengths, and floors.

7. LockFlow

As time goes on, Siri Shortcuts offer a fantastic method to make the most of your iPhone usage. Unexpectedly, Apple left out a natural method of starting Shortcuts from a lock screen widget. But LockFlow, which is totally free, excels at bridging the gap. Just add the widget to the lock screen, give the shortcut the precise term you need to perform, and pick a symbol that will show there.

8. Widgetsmith

lock screen widgets from widgetsmith Probably, you’ve heard of Widgetsmith. With new capabilities in iOS 14, the app contributed to the trend of home screen personalization. The fact that the software is a terrific tool for customising the lock screen widget sections shouldn’t come as a huge surprise.

The lock screen widgets may be customised in a plethora of various ways, much like the home screen. Time, statistics, weather data, and even a picture are some options. You may create your own widget with the app in a matter of seconds. Although the app is free, a subscription is required to access the weather, air quality, and pollen data widgets as well as to unlock more themes and fonts. Read our Widgetsmith introduction to see how simple it is to personalise your home screen with the app.

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Fantastical raises the bar for the conventional calendar. Any meeting or appointment you set up on the fantastic app will go off without a hitch. Time zone support and natural language text processing are a few characteristics. The app’s lock screen widgets, which include a calendar and a list of forthcoming activities, will keep you informed about your schedule. You can simply handle simple events using the app’s free edition. Extra capabilities, such as numerous calendar sets, additional collaboration opportunities, and customization possibilities, are unlocked through a membership.

Enjoy iPhone Lock Screen Widgets

iPhone users have a terrific method to access the information that matters to them without ever touching the device thanks to lock screen widgets. Furthermore, these apps offer an excellent starting point for personalizing your lock screen.