What’s New in Chrome 103, which is now available

Google's fast-paced Chrome browser release cycle resumes on June 21, 2022, with version 103. Faster website load times, web app typefaces

New in chrome 103

Google’s fast-paced Chrome browser release cycle resumes on June 21, 2022, with version 103. Faster website load times, web app typefaces, and more controls to disable obnoxious notification prompts are all included in this update.

Improved Page Loading Times

Google is continually striving to enhance Chrome’s performance, and version 103 adds to that effort. The 103 Early Hints HTTP response code is supported in Chrome 103 (the “103” element is unrelated to Chrome 103).

Most current browsers, including Google Chrome, begin pre-fetching websites even before you click or press a link. The 103 Early Hints just speed up this process a smidgeon, and on the internet, a smidgeon matters.

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Local Fonts Can Be Used in Web Apps

Every new version of Chrome seems to provide enhancements for web applications. Local font access is one of Chrome 103’s contributions. The typefaces you’ve saved on your device will be accessible to web applications. Web apps now require your permission to import fonts, but this update would allow them to function more like native programmes.

Machine Learning Blocks Notification Prompts

A variety of features in Google Chrome are designed to detect fraudulent websites. Machine learning that runs solely in the browser (and doesn’t transfer data to Google) is boosting such features in Chrome 103.

Chrome will utilize machine learning to forecast when a person is unlikely to opt-in to a website’s alerts. It will then take care of blocking those irritating prompts for you. You can click the “Allow for this site” option if you disagree with Chrome’s conclusion.

Remove the Discover Feed from the New Tab Page of Android

The New Tab page in Chrome for Android has a lot going on. There’s a Discover feed area at the bottom, along with a search box and your regularly visited sites. The feed can now be deactivated thanks to a new flag.

Chrome:/flags#feed-ablation is where you’ll find the feature flag. The Discover and Following feeds will be deleted from the New Tab page if you enable the flag. This feature is present in Chrome Beta 103, and it may make its way into the stable version as well.

What Else Has Changed Recently?

Every four weeks, Google publishes a new version of Chrome, which means large, flashy innovations aren’t as often. But there’s still a lot going on behind the surface. Many of these improvements may be seen on Google’s developer site as well as the Chromium blog. A few modifications will be highlighted here:

  • Web Share now supports the AVIF picture file format.
  • A secure context is now required by the Gamepad API.
  • On insecure contexts, such as HTTP pages and HTTPS iframes embedded in HTTP pages, the Battery Status API is no longer supported.

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Google Chrome Update Instructions

When the update is ready, Chrome will immediately install it on your device. Click the three-dot menu symbol and select Help > About Google Chrome to check for and install any available updates right away.